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EDI + APIs: 3 Ways to Create Greater Value Together

By Michael Cardillo | Wed, Sep 30, 2020

My colleague, Jim Cantin, recently wrote an excellent article on “Why APIs and EDI Are More Complementary Than Competitive.”

This is an interesting topic and we get many inquiries from clients who want to explore how they can integrate these two platforms and improve the synergy from both a business and IT perspective.   I would like to take this discussion to the next level and offer concrete steps that outline how you can look for opportunities in this space.

Let’s start with a simple view of where to look for synergies.   I’ll focus on three areas:

  • Where can you supplement your EDI with APIs and give your trading partners access to a suite of transactions and capabilities?
  • Where can you improve your EDI success rates by utilizing APIs to add supplemental data to inbound or outbound transactions?
  • Where can you combine support processes to both save money and improve the trading partner experience?

Now let’s look at how you can answer these questions to enhance your capabilities.

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IBM Interconnect Spotlight: AmerisourceBergen's B2B Journey to Transform Enterprise EDI

By Lori Angalich | Thu, Mar 16, 2017

IBM Interconnect 2017 is just around the corner, and we're excited to reconnect with many of our friends, customers, and partners while attending the event in Las Vegas next week.

If you're going to be there, we hope you'll add this session to your agenda. During this session, three speakers from AmerisourceBergen, a leading global healthcare solutions company, will describe their journey to achieving their EDI vision. It's a great B2B Integration success story, and we're thrilled to be presenting alongside them.

Read on for details—we hope to see you there!

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4 common EDI issues and how B2B managed services can solve them

By Lightwell | Fri, Jul 25, 2014

When it comes to electronic data interchange (EDI) operations, more data can be both a blessing and a curse. Few would argue that building larger B2B networks and exchanging more information with trading partners is a bad thing. However, savvy business professionals also know that managing all of that data - keeping networks moving, satisfying all requests, maintaining security and about half a million other critical tasks - represents a massive challenge.

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Why managed EDI is necessary for healthcare data management

By Lightwell | Wed, Jun 11, 2014

Electronic data interchange services offer critical support for healthcare organizations dealing with information overload.  In few other sectors are the positive effects and untapped potential of data-driven processes more evident than they are in the healthcare industry, with smart devices and analytics applications theoretically capable of providing significant benefits for patient care, research and facility improvement. One of the major developments in healthcare is in the capacity to share information between providers and practitioners. It can improve treatment, enhance diagnostic efforts and automate key processes.

However, a variety of connectivity, continuity and security issues have the potential to derail data management and translation efforts, thus obscuring the benefits information sharing can offer. Few organizations have the IT resources and infrastructure suitable to eliminate all current and future barriers. By investing in managed EDI services, healthcare providers can ensure the integrity, protection and usability of their information as it moves across a collaborative provider system.

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EDI misconceptions prevent businesses from realizing technological value

By Lightwell | Thu, Aug 01, 2013

One of the unfortunate side effects of rapid technological evolution is that misconceptions often emerge regarding new solutions and the systems they're supposedly intended to replace. This happened from an infrastructure standpoint when the cloud adoption soared and technology industry observers began questioning whether mainframes were dead. Similar notions have cropped up regarding electronic data interchange solutions, creating worry that the technology is outdated, or worse, not providing any value.

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Solving the top problems in B2B integration and collaboration

By Lightwell | Wed, Jun 26, 2013

You can think of B2B integration as a patched quilt. There’s your business, in the center of the quilt. You’re connected to hundreds of other patches, or businesses, through countless threads; or channels and communication.

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Tech-enabled supply chains become growth factor

By Lori Angalich | Fri, Sep 28, 2012

Supply chains for modern companies crisscross the globe and encompass a number of partner companies. Firms with strong technology investments can make these elements efficient and improve overall business efficiency, according to a recent report by the Pioneer. The source gathered information at an Indian national conference on modern supply chain issues, with a special focus on countering volatility.

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Modern financials enabled with EDI

By Lori Angalich | Thu, Sep 27, 2012

Companies searching for a reliable and high-speed way to transmit financial information can look to electronic document interchange (EDI). The systems, backed with numerous security assurances and an entirely digital basis in an increasingly digital financial world, can grant companies the ease of use and agility benefits they crave. Recent developments in digital payment systems have lent a spotlight to the technology's ability to enable agility.

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Retail environment changes present supply chain opportunity

By Lori Angalich | Fri, Sep 14, 2012

The retail climate is always changing. While the past few years have seen general weakness in the U.S. market, some sectors have begun to show resurgence. It is at such times that supply chains become vitally important. Companies need to increase production and storage to cope with demand. If firms perform such supply chain management adjustments too slowly, it could result in a missed opportunity to capitalize on a unique moment of customer interest.

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EDI enables international trade

By Lori Angalich | Fri, Sep 14, 2012

Trading with partners around the world is simply one of the many elements of the modern supply process. Companies have expanded their reach, opening up exciting new opportunities in the international market. Smooth transfers across borders, however, require secure information transmission. According to the Swazi Observer, electronic data interchange (EDI) can help speed important functions such as securing customs approval for shipments.

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