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Real-Time Information Delivery in the Logistics Industry

By Lightwell | Wed, Mar 08, 2017

Logistics companies are constantly under pressure to deliver newer and more competitive services. Their customers have high expectations, drawn from experiences with online services such as Amazon, regarding the information they expect, and how they expect to receive it.

As we all know, the supply chain is already under immense pressure, and providing real-time order information can prove a headache in certain areas such as in-transit and customs.

Traditionally, these information requests have been managed using Web Services and EDI, but there are issues. EDI is great for interactions that trigger business processes, such as order and purchase order transactions, or initiating returns. However, when it comes to “secondary” interactions such as “where’s my order?” using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to make those calls is faster to set up and execute than Web Services or EDI.

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How order management can improve LTL processes

By Lightwell | Fri, Jun 27, 2014

Order management software is critical to improving supply chain processes. It's especially vital to making smarter inventory and shipping decisions that are grounded in data. By installing this software, organizations can tackle some of their most complex and intricate challenges. Less-than-truckload shipping is one of these constant issues, which affect virtually every supply chain in some form. Order management software can help enterprises make better LTL shipping decisions, build communication with supply chain partners and leverage this key aspect of supply chains for higher ROI.

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