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Want to enter the future of information management? Leverage managed file transfer.

By Lightwell | Wed, Oct 08, 2014

Managed file transfer solutions aren't simply an addition to a more data-focused enterprise. Rather, they're the foundation of an information management strategy that is much more comprehensive, protected and easy to administrate. And that's no small thing in this day and age. With more and more files of different types that must be exchanged between businesses and the threat landscape growing ominously ever larger, a company that doesn't hone in on the best information management tools is putting itself at a disadvantage. One that avails itself of a solution like managed file transfer, on the other hand, is taking a bold step forward into the data-centric future.

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Get smart: How to make the most of supply chain analytics

By Lightwell | Thu, Oct 02, 2014

Analytics. Business intelligence. Buzzwords, yes, but also concepts that are at the heart of the optimized 21st century business. Today, it's no longer enough to simply be responsive to changes in consumer behavior, supply chain ecosystems or outside forces - you have to be able to anticipate them. While the goal of forecasting the future isn't a new business objective by any means, it's only in the last few years that tools have emerged that enable business users to make actionable predictions based on a confluence of focused, intelligent data.

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Study projects big data headed toward ubiquity - what does that mean?

By Lightwell | Wed, Sep 24, 2014

Making a splash in the ocean of big data has been a top priority for many organizations in an array of industries. The cost-efficiency, advanced intelligence and real-time operating power that big data can offer businesses are inspiring many to jump in to the big data pool. However, it's important - as many organizations that rushed headlong into big data and analytics without fully readying themselves found out the hard way - to ensure that you're ready for big data, and big data is ready for you. A poorly planned leap into big data can end up doing more harm than if an enterprise hadn't explored it at all. This is especially true for companies that participate in large supply chains or are building up their omni-channel commerce effort, as organizational processes, people, culture and decisions are all impacted by big data initiatives.

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Optimizing big data using supply chain management software

By Lightwell | Fri, Apr 18, 2014

Big data empowers numerous organizations to make smarter decisions, breathing new life into management software and internal applications. Supply chain management is one area that stands to benefit most extensively from the influx of information into business tools. However, benefiting from big data isn't as simple as collecting and routing data into supply chain management software and other programs and expecting results to appear. The big secret of big data is that, amid all the buzz, it can be incredibly difficult to apply with real, long-lasting success. 

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