Top 3 benefits of leveraging managed IT services


working-together-managed-servicesIn recent years, demands for managed IT services has been on the rise. There are several reasons company leaders might opt for this approach, including the ability to cut internal costs, to maintain compliance with industry regulations or fill gaps in security.

According to Edward Ferrara, Forrester Research's principal research analyst serving security and risk professionals, a main factor driving businesses to turn to managed service providers is to alleviate certain internal pressures. With a managed IT service provider on their side, enterprise leaders can shift the way they utilize their corporate resources.

"End-user companies are looking to resolve headaches," Ferrara noted.

Managed IT services can do much more for a firm than just help solve and prevent in-house hassles. Utilizing managed IT services can provide a whole host of benefits for a company, including the following:

1) Reduced IT costs

As previously noted, one of the most attractive benefits of managed IT services is the potential to better control internal IT costs. Leveraging the services of an MSP does represent an investment, but Essent noted that businesses can budget their overall IT costs and only pay for the managed services that they need at that time.

"Due to economies of scale, experience and use of standards and best practices, MSPs can often perform functions at a lower cost than most internal IT organizations could," EssentiaLink CEO Bill Douglas stated.

In addition, with a managed IT service provider on the company's side, the firm can reduce labor costs. Instead of hiring and training its own IT workers, the business can count on the MSP's team. This saves costs and resources in human resources as well as training and certification.

2) Improved performance of IT systems vice president Dina Dadian also noted that managed IT services typically perform better thanks to being maintained and updated by a professional team. Because the MSP's only focus is the betterment of the enterprise's IT services, the in-house IT team can work on other mission-critical technology aspects. As a result, many end-user companies see fewer system glitches and nearly no downtime, not to mention enhanced overall performance. Moreover, if any IT issues do arise, the MSP can quickly respond and resolve the problem, ensuring that the company always has access to its important resources.

3) Increased productivity throughout the business

When IT services are maintained and managed by professionals, company employees can worry less about availability and focus more on their day-to-day tasks.

"Systems are more reliable and more available, therefore your employees are more productive, more efficient and generating more revenue for your business," Douglas noted.

For more information about managed services and what they can do for your business, please view the video below: