It’s Time for a Smarter Order Management System


iStock_000032837572_LargeLet’s face facts—odds are good you probably overestimate the quality of customer service you are delivering. You’re probably underperforming. Did I grab your attention? Good! It doesn't have to be this way, but with studies showing 80% of CEOs believing they deliver superior customer experience but only 8% of their customers agreeing, it’s probably the right time to grab you by the lapels and shake you up a little.

Maybe you’re one of those companies completely nailing every aspect of customer experience. If you are though, you probably didn’t get there by resting on your laurels. So whether you are one of the elite who delights your customers every time, or you’re one of those companies with significant room for improvement, knowing about improvements and innovations in the realm of order management systems will be key to your future success.

Omni-channel is the current wave of how you engage your customers—in the era of mobility and social sharing, you have to be nimble enough for customer touches from anywhere, at any time, at any point of their journey.  The great thing is, the omni-channel order management foundation delivers truly superior customer experience while improving efficiency.



As you can see, having a system for intelligent customer engagement allows you to aggregate order information from multiple channels into a single source accessible anywhere. Perfect. And you can gain incredible efficiency as well as customer loyalty by allowing your customers the ability to choose how they engage with you, whether in-store, through a call center, or on the web. You can even open up to customers through third-party channels, so having the ability to quickly integrate partners and define roles to incorporate them in the selling process is important. The good thing is, we've built that in.

Once you have global inventory visibility, you’ll be able to leverage the best delivery and service opportunities from any source to meet customers’ expectations. What does that mean in practical terms? One would be a situation where you could utilize inventory from any location in your supply chain, thereby preventing backorders in one location at the same time you might be discounting excess inventory in another.

Finally, with the right order management system, you can deliver that pinnacle goal of the 21st century: customized commerce. Whether your customers buy via app then pick up in store or they buy in-store and ship to their homes, being ready for these countless customizations will allow you to join that elite enterprise group.  Are you ready to discover how to leverage order management for superior customer experience? Are you ready to take the leap into excellence?

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