Spotlight on IBM Sterling partnership: File transfer, data management and integration solutions


lightwellb2bgearsfromgroundup-3Enterprises today require a whole host of solutions to ensure that their mission-critical data remains secure in every instance. Whether transferring files internally or integrating information with a partnering organization, certain technology is key to help guarantee that these activities take place in a safeguarded environment.

However, when it comes to selecting and deploying file transfer, data management, integration and other solutions, some decision makers are at a loss for whee to begin. IBM has options for nearly every business need. Working with an IBM Sterling partner like Lightwell can make all the difference.Let's examine some of the leading solutions available to businesses today and what each means for B2B integration, data management and file transfer needs:

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
The IBM Sterling B2B Integrator is the top choice for organizations that require a flexible yet secure avenue for business-to-business integration. With the Sterling B2B Integrator in place, companies can connect their internal communications as well as those with their partners. The system provides added data security to ensure that all sensitive information remains with the enterprise and its partners. Overall, the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator allows for a concrete, secure connection with business partners - from small to large firms in any corner of the globe. Furthermore, when a unique B2B Framework is leveraged, deployment becomes that much easier. This system offers pre-established tool sets to reduce implementation time while improving the technology's total cost of ownership.

IBM Sterling Gentran
When it comes to data management and interchange, there are few systems that compare to IBM's Sterling Gentran. The solution is among the most popular EDI and translation platforms in the industry. Currently, we offer three options, including:

  • IBM Sterling Gentran:Basic - A solution specifically for smaller businesses
  • IBM Sterling Gentran:Director - A platform including data translation, process control and communication
  • IBM Sterling Gentran:Server - An industry-leading system for translating inbound and outbound EDI files

IBM Sterling File Gateway
IBM Sterling File Gateway provides a centralized solutionfor businesses that deal with high volumes of inbound and outbound files. With this system in place, companies are able to monitor, route and administer files, all while consolidating file transfers to a single platform. Using industry-standard file transfer protocols, enterprise partners are able to send and receive any format of file over the Internet via a secure file gateway.

IBM Sterling File Transfer Service
Instead of utilizing on-premise systems for file transfers, many companies have opted to leverage the power of the cloud. For these kinds of needs, there is IBM Sterling File Transfer Service, a cloud-based system specifically designed for communications and interactions with a firm's trading partners. This solution has the potential to eliminate the complexities involved in B2B file transfers, lower IT infrastructure and operating costs and provide scalable resources that can expand as the business grows.

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct
Businesses can also opt for the IBM Sterling Connect:Direct file transfer system. This solution is a leader in point-to-point, high-volume file transfers and can help companies manage and guarantee delivery of batch files via its automated notification capabilities. This system is also able to automate data exchange in any application. IBM Sterling Connect:Direct features Six Sigma Level of performance to assist enterprises in reducing errors that can disrupt file transfers, leverage scalable resources and enhance security and compliance.

IBM Aspera Extreme File Transfer
Huge data sets and files are the lifeblood of organizations in many industries, including oil and gas, legal, government, pharmaceuticals, media and entertainment—and the speed at which this information can reach its destination can have a significant impact on the organization’s success. IBM Aspera XFT helps to overcome the performance, size and distance-relate challenges to deliver large data files to their destinations at faster speeds than ever before.

Businesses in every industry have a variety of different needs, whether they revolve around data management, B2B integration, file transfers or order management. Fortunately, there is an IBM solution to address each requirement a company might have.

Interested in the solutions above? Click the header links to learn more about the specific product. If you have questions or need assistance feel free to contact one of our managed file transfer and B2B integration experts.