Forrester Picks B2B Order Management Winners


Delivering great B2B customer experiences across channels is a hot topic these days—but without the right technology solutions to bridge the gap between front-office and fulfillment operations, it can be extremely challenging for B2B companies to achieve.

An order management system can play a critical role in harmonizing and optimizing customer- facing processes across a fragmented application landscape.  Without the right order management system, many B2B businesses are unable to support their customers’ growing demands for the streamlined, seamless purchasing experience they already enjoy with their B2C transactions.

So, how do you know what to look for in an order management solution?  A very reliable source of guidance is Forrester Research. Forrester recently released a new report, The Forrester Wave™: B2B Order Management, Q4 2015.

The report is the result of Forrester’s 34-criteria evaluation of B2B order management providers. Researchers identified, analyzed, and scored the seven most significant order management vendors and conducted interviews with product users and customers. The winners in the market are those that consistently supported the customers’ need for business agility, especially in emerging digital business models.

According to the Forrester report, the key differentiators between order management vendors are flexibility, integration, and optimization. As you can see in the image below, IBM Sterling Order Management System is at the top of the wave.


“While we’re thrilled with the recognition, we’re really not surprised,” says Craig Pasquale, Lightwell’s Director of Omnichannel Solutions. “Our order management customers report a significant increase in their customers’ level of satisfaction which has resulted in a marked improvement in retention and repeat business.”

You can view the full Forrester Wave: B2B Order Management report here, and learn more about the capabilities and benefits of B2B order management solutions.