Fitbit Races to Success with NetSuite: Wishing you 365 days of 10,000 steps in 2016


On this final day of 2015, many of us are making resolutions for the coming year and fitness is often at the top of our lists. It's no suprise that technology is now available to help motivate and keep us moving, so we can increase our chances of being in the measely 8% of people who successfully achieve their New Year's resolutions (Statistic Brain Research Institute).

Fit What?FitBit and NetSuite

Even if you aren't counting your steps on a Fitbit (I'm only at 3059 at this writing), chances are you’ve heard of the company and how its products are literally disrupting the world. Just six years after launching the first fitness tracker online, the company has become the epitome of a successful startup, shipping millions of units to 54 countries around the globe. But Fitbit couldn’t maintain that level of achievement without a whole lot of infrastructure. Again, technology to the rescue. One of the ways Fitbit has managed its complex B2C and B2B omnichannel operations is with the NetSuite ERP solution.

Fitbit is a true NetSuite success story which is why CFO Bill Zerella was a featured thought leader at the SuiteWorld 2015 conference. Check out this video to hear Fitbit's great start-up story and learn how NetSuite is helping the company grow and while continuing to provide amazing customer experiences by embracing the omnichannel business model.

As a fellow innovation entrepreneur and a huge fan of business disruptors, Lightwell commends Fitbit on their success. As a NetSuite Solution Provider and a NetSuite customer, we love hearing stories about how NetSuite helps companies address their mission-critical business needs and goals. Keep up the good work, Fitbit.

Happy New Year from Lightwell and best of luck on keeping those resolutions.