The Age of Smarter Commerce has dawned, experts say


The time has come for companies in all industries around the world to rethink their business integration strategies and how they connect with partners, customers and each other. That was the message delivered at the recent Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2011 hosted by IBM in San Diego.

Smarter Commerce is an IBM initiative that the company is promoting among its customers and business partners. According to a recent 1to1 Media report, IBM is using the conference to push its message of the need to optimize networks, organizations and strategies.

Oxford Consulting was a sponsor at the IBM Smarter Commerce Summit. To learn about Oxford Consulting's Smarter Commerce Solutions, view the video above.

"From what I witnessed, it seems as though companies are achieving the Holy Grail of customer experience: a cross-channel, integrated view of their customers to optimize the customer experience, deliver tailored communications and streamline operations," 1to1 Media's Mila D'Antonio wrote of her experience at the conference.

For an example of Smarter Commerce in action, D'Antonio highlighted the case of appliances manufacturer Whirlpool. The company, she said, maintains relationships throughout the customer lifecycle and uses the information gathered for a number of initiatives.

To support its Smarter Commerce program, IBM recently released a new suite of apps that includes B2B integration solutions, as well as Commerce-as-a-Service and Social Media Marketing solutions.