Many reasons to embrace mobile commerce


Consumers quickly took a liking to mobile commerce after smartphones began their rise to prominence several years ago. Mobile devices, which more recently have come to include tablets as well, offer consumers a new vehicle for researching, finding and purchasing products, and many have jumped on the bandwagon. 

Companies too should be embracing mobile commerce. It offers the same benefits to retailers looking to boost sales figures, just from the other end of spectrum.  With mobile devices, companies have a medium for getting the word out about their products through advertising, social media and applications - all of which are widely popular on smartphones and tablets. Below are a few more reasons why the time has come to embrace mobile commerce.


1. Convenience

Nothing can be more convenient for consumers than having everything they need to do their shopping in the palm of their hand. It's like having access to largest shopping mall on the planet through a device that fits in a pocket.

And if there's anything consumers respond to, it's convenience. In fact, that's part of the reason that ecommerce has become so popular - shoppers love the idea of avoiding the long lines and hassle of trudging off to the store.

2. Technology

The computing power of smartphones and tablets is increasing with each new device released to the market. These days, companies can present their products to on-the-go shoppers in ways that were never possible 10 or 15 years ago.

For example, the high-definition capabilities of mobile devices have improved the demonstration videos of products that some retailers have embraced.

3. Access to information

To say the internet is loaded with information would vastly understate how much is out there on the world wide web. When accessed through a mobile device, consumers have all that information at their fingertips.

Still in the early stages of mobile commerce, most retailers are finding that consumers are using their smartphones to conduct research on products, including specifications and side-by-side comparisons of prices, among others. Retailers and consumers alike should leverage this capability to present as much information as possible that will differentiate a product from the competition.

Mobile sales are expected the grow in the coming years, according to the recently released Keeping Up with the Mobile Consumer report. At 51 percent, more than half of surveyed businesses expect such sales to increase significantly during the next three years.