How social media can be an effective tool for supply chain managers


describe the imageConsumers and enterprise users alike have found many uses for social media tools, from sharing photos and catching up with old friends to fostering collaboration throughout an organization and getting more employees involved in projects.

According a recent Business 2 Community report, the technology is also good for supporting an organization's supply chain community management program.

"Social media is not only a whole new way for consumers to communicate and express themselves, it’s also a whole new way for corporations to conduct business," the report stated.

In terms of the supply chain, social media allows a business manager to track customer complaints, determine where the problem occurred and how it can be resolved. Business 2 Community gave the example of customers being unable to locate a company's products.

A recent IDC Manufacturing Insights report also identified the benefits of social media to an effective supply chain. The division of the research firm said social platforms are one way that companies enhance collaboration among business partners by engaging in open dialogue to share insights and ideas.