Why use a private cloud for disaster recovery?


Having a strategy for disaster recovery is a critical part of IT risk management plans, and the IT department is often the most important part of that plan because it will typically head efforts to backup data and systems to get them available quickly in the event of a disaster.

Traditional disaster recovery systems can take anywhere from minutes to days to get a business up and running in an emergency, but their is a great deal of variety in pricing models, the Smart Data Collective report said. However, private cloud computing models can alleviate the concerns associated with pricing models and bring swift recovery in a relatively cost effective manner.

Using the private cloud as part of an IT risk management and disaster recovery plan can completely change how companies approach disaster recovery strategies. According to the report, companies that use private clouds will virtualize their servers. This lets them not only backup data off-site, but replicate entire servers, easing the recovery process.

Cloud-based disaster recovery plans are especially effective for small businesses. NuWireInvestment reports small businesses should use the cloud to back up data and develop their disaster recovery plans because it offers a cost-effective disaster recovery strategy.

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