An expert's recommendations for choosing a secure file transfer application


Secure file transfers can streamline a company's productivity while ensuring sensitive documentsdescribe the image are safely transmitted, but there are several factors companies must consider before deploying a business integration solution, according to SYS-CON Media contributor Dick Zwart.

Most importantly, a solution should include several security features. Audit trails and security alerts can help companies and vendors track data, while also raising red flags when a problem arises. The service should also hide all passwords on screen and in transfer logs. Companies are also encouraged to encrypt passwords.

End-users will also want a solution that is easy to use. This will speed deployment and make the service available to more employees

Remote access and website transfers should also be supported. In these times, companies increasingly prefer to have the ability to conduct business from anywhere.

Companies and organizations in certain industries are required to implement secure file transfer solutions for the sharing of sensitive data. For example, healthcare organizations must ensure their solutions comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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