Effective integration is key for social business


describe the imageSocial business software has been a hot trend for the enterprise solutions market this year. By promoting collaboration within an organization, business managers are hoping to increase the productivity and efficiency of the workforce.

According to a recent ZDNet report, focusing on effective business integration processes is key for a smooth implementation of social software. Specifically, companies must ensure collaborative solutions combine well with traditional business applications.

"Enterprise integration is an important and challenging topic sitting at the intersection of enterprise technology, consumer software, organizational culture and relationships between business users and their IT departments," wrote Michael Krigsman, who participated in a discussion on the topic at the recent Enterprise 2.0 gathering in Boston.

Krigsman added that social business software is at its best when it adds value "to concrete organizational business processes and goals." That is better accomplished through business integration solutions.

Many companies are now devising repeatable strategies for utilizing middleware, as B2B electronic commerce is becoming more popular. According to IT Business Edge, this trend is reversing the traditional case-by-case basis companies used to focus on for integration. With that method, the success of business integration depended on who was in charge of the project.

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