Technology Advancements are Changing Business Integration Needs


Rapid, widespread and far-reaching advancements in the technology many IT departments are currently adopting are also altering companies' needs when it comes to business integration solutions, according to a recent ZDNet report.

A2A integration is far from new for most companies, but it is when taking into account that most companies now require their solutions to combine cloud-based and on-premise solutions in a hybrid model. Even B2B integration is taking on this form as business partners utilize differing systems.

"There are a lot of different skills that people are looking to have that they’ve never been asked to have before," expert Debbie Moynihan told ZDNet. "More and more people are being asked to perform IT tasks. It isn’t just highly skilled developers, but also business analysts and people who have never done integration before are being asked to do integration activities."

And this trend isn't confined merely to cloud computing. Integration is also becoming increasingly important for the use of mobile devices and extended enterprise business processes as well.

Experts participating in Wired magazine's recent CIO Leadership Forum in New York came to a similar conclusion. Bob Kelly, a Microsoft executive, said more employees must now think about integration for "how parts are going to fit."