Forrester Report: Improved Business Integration is Needed


The integration of applications at many firms is being delayed for various reasons, according to Forrester Research, suggesting the need for more robust business integration solutions.

Forrester's latest report revealed that 40 percent of 336 surveyed software development firms in North America and Europe have experienced problems when implementing new applications. Many of these challenges stem from poor integrity of code that leads to delays or recalls, security flaws or longer code development time.

All add up to cost the company crucial revenue, according to Forrester.

"The closer you get to field release, the more costly any software changes become," said John Arnold, Europe, Middle East and Africa director of Coverity, which sponsored the research.

Findings also revealed that 94 percent of respondents utilize third-party software vendors, while 92 percent use an outsourced development team and 92 percent use open source providers.

The implementation of cloud computing is one area where business integration solutions are becoming increasingly important. As more companies adopt the technology – 49 percent already have done so by one report's estimate – they will require software to combine hosted and on-premise systems.