Three-quarters of SMBs view B2B integration as a strategic initiative


In a recent poll of 62 small- and medium-sized businesses, market research firm the Aberdeen Group revealed that many view B2B integration and collaboration as a strategic initiative.

Seventy-five percent of respondents said they view B2B integration as important to the company's future. The report specifically focused on business integration solutions for trading partner recruitment, enablement, ongoing maintenance and performance measurement-related activities.

"One of the building blocks of establishing visibility across the entire demand-supply network is the ability to establish a flow of information at the interface points – namely between trading partners," Nari Viswanathan, vice president and principal analyst of supply chain management at Aberdeen, said.

According to Aberdeen, B2B integration and collaboration is now a reality for SMBs through innovations in Software-as-a-Service. For this reason, the research firm advises these companies to focus on integration.

A recent Microsoft survey also reflected cloud computing's impact on SMBs and integration. According to the report, 36 percent of SMBs are encouraged to buy cloud services because they integrate with existing technology.