Data must be secure from all angles


An IT risk management program must be all-encompassing and protect business data from a variety of angles. However, according to a recent report from Symantec, small- and medium-sized businesses are failing to cover all areas of data security.

For SMBs, data loss prevention should be of the utmost importance, as even seemingly small incidents can turn into full-fledged IT disasters rather quickly, Symantec asserted. To avoid this, these organizations must be conscious of securing vital data, utilizing backup solutions and having disaster recovery plans in place.

"Just one data breach could mean financial ruin for an SMB. Implement a complete security solution beyond just traditional antivirus to ensure proprietary information – whether it is credit card information, customer data or employee records – is safe," the report stated.

Symantec highlighted the fact that IT incidents can be especially dangerous for SMBs, as demonstrated by the 77 percent of those surveyed who said they would lose 50 percent of business data should an incident occur.

According to a survey of 1,000 of SMBs in the U.K., 22 percent are not aware of their responsibilities for data security when it comes to protecting business and customer data.

A security issue in a SMB can be devastating, are you protected?