Tips for enhancing data loss prevention


In response to what appears to be an increasing number of data breaches, Scott McKinnel, a regional director for IT risk management solutions firm CheckPoint, recently released a list of tips for enhancing data loss prevention.

First and foremost, according to McKinnel, a company must know where its sensitive data is stored. It will be difficult to secure any information if the company is unaware of where it resides.

Next, the expert advised organizations to protect data during each aspect of its life cycle. That means securing data at rest, in motion and in use, McKinnel said.

Finally, McKinnel advised companies to involve the staff. Empowered with knowledge and strong security measures, employees will know what risky behavior to avoid when dealing with sensitive data.

Other items on McKinnel's list concerned compliance considerations good alliteration and methods for classifying data as sensitive and confidential.

Online gaming appears to be the industry hit hardest by data security threats lately. Sony and its PlayStation Network were struck with a major incident in April, and Sega recently disclosed that one of its online databases had been breached.