Business integration is key for social networking


Social media services, such as Facebook and Twitter, are good for more than just catching up with long-lost high school friends.

According to a recent InformationWeek report, companies should be focusing their business integration programs on social media, as the technology has proven to be a robust business tool. Whether for customer or client correspondence, social media streamlines communications and connects people quickly.

"Think about what matters to your business. Customer data is – or should be – near the top," Jonathan Feldman wrote for InformationWeek.

Social media services give companies easy access to all sorts of customer data, often at no cost. By integrating with these sites, organizations can get better ideas on how to gain new customers, while also retaining the ones they already have.

A Sustainable Business Forum report published earlier this month carried a similar message concerning business integration and social media. That report said that, during the past several years, early adopters have demonstrated what does and doesn't work, and it's time for other companies to recognize the benefits of social media through integration.