Business integration must avoid creating further silos


describe the imageA silo is something that all IT executives and managers want to avoid. Secluding data or an application on its own island makes for inefficiencies and headaches when implementing new systems or applications.

According to a recent InformationWeek report, the threat of silos is still present when implementing Software-as-a-Service apps. That calls for companies to take a highly focused approach to business integration when deploying a hosted solution.

"If you have three or four SaaS applications that are critical to your business, you'll probably need to invest in an integration product, commonly called a cloud broker," the report stated, referring to a cloud-focused business integration solution.

Using a cloud broker will allow the IT department to link numerous SaaS solutions securely and effectively, helping avoid the dreaded silo. In doing so, companies will get the most out of their adoption of cloud computing, according to the report.

Many experts agree that business integration has taken on renewed importance with the rise of the cloud. With companies now implementing various cloud-based services, proper integration is key to ensure a new app can work alongside existing systems.