Mobile commerce retailers are increasingly leveraging location


describe the imageLocation has become an increasingly important trend for mobile commerce retailers, as GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets allow companies to bring the marketplace to the consumer, wherever they may be.

According to a recent Internet Retailer report, location-based retail apps are shifting mobile commerce in reverse. That's because companies no longer have to set up a marketplace to display their products in hopes that a consumer will find them.

Now, the marketplace happens to be anywhere the consumer is located.

"For merchants, this can mean exposure to more consumers by creating a virtual storefront based on the consumer’s location," According to Internet Retailer's report.

It could also mean there will be a greater need for transaction management solutions from mobile commerce retailers. By bringing the marketplace to consumers, companies may experience an influx of purchases and they must be prepared to handle the demand.

While much talk around mobile commerce is centered on smartphones, tablets may actually drive the market moving forward, according to a Forrester Research report. With tablets, the research firm stated, consumers are provided a "real-life" feel of flipping through a catalog.

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