Tips to Improve IT Security and Avoid Data Breaches


describe the imageA company's IT risk management program must be ready to handle any number of types of data breaches, according to a recent PC World report. The news provider offered a list of best practices that can help companies avoid the harmful effects of data breaches that occur in all shapes and sizes.

Failing to properly secure new hard drives and computers is among the most common ways a company leaves itself vulnerable to data breaches. It may sound obvious, but implementing data security measures for new technology is overlooked more often than one would think.

"Businesses that do not have a dedicated IT department or information security administrator should seriously consider using outside consultants to secure and lock down PCs and hardware," the report stated.

Other common mistakes companies make include choosing insecure passwords, maintaining more email standards and posting too much information to public social networks, among others, according to the publication.

Companies in the U.K. will certainly want to heed the advice of PC World, as the Information Commissioner's Office is pushing for nationwide data security audits. The agency wants to be sure that companies are taking the right steps to secure customer information, according to