Ohio means IT Services jobs: Why Columbus is IT’s new hotspot


With new technologies being developed and updated continuously, tech professionals trained in IT
services and software will continue to have an excellent hiring outlook for the year 2013.

For decades, Central Ohio has been a hub of successful commerce.  The area is home to many thriving corporations and small to mid-size businesses; ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises. These organizations are in constant need of skilled IT contractors and full-time employees for project management, development, programming and coding.

ohio tech jobs, ohio it jobsTechAmerica just named Ohio 14th on their list of fastest growing areas for IT job creation, with companies in the state adding over 1,500 new tech jobs last year. According to the study, over 170,700 IT professionals already call Ohio home. Top-bracket Ohio IT experts also enjoyed 73% higher salaries than the average Ohioan, with a median $72,600 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"Central Ohio is very entrepreneurial, we’re home to a lot of start-ups, as well as mid-size and large businesses; many of the tech companies of tomorrow are choosing here as their launch site,” said Denny Highsmith, IT Staffing expert at Oxford Consulting Group. “Columbus is already a test market for so many new products and inventions because of our diverse culture, that it’s a great locale for innately innovative tech professionals.”

Job outlook

IT and technology-centered jobs have seen growth above and beyond the national average for other industries. ComputerWorld’s IT Forcasting survey 2013 reported that within the next 12 months:

According to ComputerWorld, being the top candidate for the growing IT job field in Ohio and across the nation means having the right, and current, certifications. Applicants that have a college degree in computer science, plus certifications and field experience in specialized software and programming, are some of the most in-demand job candidates.

About Central Ohio

If you’re considering relocating to the Central Ohio area for a career in technology, there are more than a few other perks to living in the area. Home to Ohio State University, a top research institution, innovation in the technology and many other industries often begins at home. Columbus also boasts three professional sports teams and championship college teams; there’s never a shortage of things to see in the area. In the heart of the state, Columbus and the surrounding suburbs are connected by just a few hours’ drive to Ohio’s other major cities: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton and Toledo.

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