IT managed services can protect you and your customers


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The Cloud, servers, networks, mobile platforms, VoIP, security, and more: with new technologies becoming necessary for successful business all the time, keeping up with training and implementation in-house can get very costly.

Having a trained, expert IT staff at your disposal to secure computing systems, manage networks and preserve the quality of infrastructure at a smaller cost is possible. Outsourcing to the experience and proficiency of IT experts to handle the majority, if not all, technology demands to keep the business running can have positive financial benefis. Rather than recruiting, training and retaining an entire IT department to ensure systems are operating properly throughout the departments; companies are working with contractors to handle tasks with minimal investment in infrastructure.

Executives who opt to outsource IT services, or leverage IT managed services, can also take comfort in knowing all high-tech demands, legal issues, securities and vulnerabilities will be handled by seasoned professionals with all the time and resources at their disposal to tackle a challenge efficiently. In-house IT departments are subject to budgetary restrictions and limited growth potential that is common among smaller businesses

Periods of time when a firm invests in new software or productivity-boosting systems may also result in potential process disruptions, which can place the company in a vulnerable position. When a new product or software is deployed by a novice in the program, the entire company network can be negatively impacted, which can disrupt each department throughout the company.

IT departments that have limited resources at their disposal and only house a certain level of expertise may not be able to combat a problem or challenge that arises with new technology adoption. This can lead to expensive delays, lost information and even reinvestment in duplicate solutions.

Common IT challenges and security issues include:

  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Data breaches
  • Hacking
  • Stolen customer information
  • Identity theft
  • Non-compliance

A specialized IT expert, however, has all the necessary resources to take on any technology challenge, ensuring the ultimate level of protection against digital complications. Companies do not have to buy the infrastructure necessary to take on these potential problems, only to never use them. Rather, executives can save that money and allocate it elsewhere in the company, knowing that the IT provider can bring out specialty resources in the event of a security disaster or system failure.

Optimistic about security

In fact, many companies are finding it easier to implement cutting-edge technology that has some associated vulnerabilities when working with IT experts. Because the third party providers have advanced training and experience in specific technologies, they are most likely on the forefront of best practices to help the technology reach its full potential.

Less skilled IT staff with fewer hours to devote to technology research may feel overwhelmed by taking on the day-to-day IT demands of a company, as well as innovative implementations to increase a competitive edge. Third party providers, however, can keep up-to-date on the latest security features available to keep company information and operations safe from threats, allowing for faster adoption of cutting-edge technology.

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