Job Satisfaction High for IT Services Professionals


IT servicers are unarguably the renaissance men and women in their field.  Day-to-day activities can range from consulting on website functionality, working on physical hardware and managing files that are remotely hosted in the Cloud. IT services providers can take on general tasks to keep companies running smoothly, such as network management and infrastructure maintenance. They can also offer more specialized services, such as IT solutions specific to certain departments or tasks including accounting, payroll, human resources and marketing. Having access to IT expertise in a variety of contexts through a partnership can help companies take advantage of available technologies to increase market share, without requiring significant financial investments for long-term employees.

Another unique benefit to working with IT providers is how satisfied the workers are in their jobs. Contractors in the IT industry are overall quite satisfied with their work, as the environment challenges them, has room for growth and is flexible for their lifestyles. Content workers will likely operate at high levels of productivity and efficiency, making them ideal resources for any company looking for a high return on every investment.

IT service contractors can work in a few ways, each with their own benefits for specific lifestyle. An IT contractor can work on specific projects for a company that can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, usually they are hired through an IT Staffing Service. The benefits of a contract position in IT are flexibility, control over what projects they take on, the ability to work on projects for a variety of companies and the chance to travel to new places for projects.

Some IT professionals prefer a more stable work environment, that’s where IT outsourcing comes in.  IT contractors can also be hired by an IT outsourcing company full-time and work for several clients of the service. The benefit of this option is job security, a stable work location and the variety of clients they work with.

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Why so happy?

A recent survey revealed the reasons why IT talent are so satisfied with their jobs and continue to excel for many years. Most IT services providers offer their staff positions with high potential for engagement and flexibility. Workers are interested in their jobs and excited to take on new challenges with each contract they enter. They are ready to test their knowledge and expertise on new projects, while learning new concepts and best practices in the process. About 32 percent of IT professionals want their jobs to be intellectually challenging and stimulating, to enable continual growth of knowledge over the course of a career, the survey found.

A flexible work environment is another perk IT services providers enjoy. Workers have access to their information and materials to complete their jobs from multiple locations. Some can connect to networks remotely to complete work on the go, while others are able to use a laptop and carry their work with them throughout the day. As more companies transition into a cloud-based environment, IT professionals are enjoying the benefits of a more mobile workplace and therefore enjoy a healthier life-work balance. IT services providers, like other employers, understand the value of retaining an employee over hiring and training a new worker every few months. Therefore, the contracts and projects presented to them aim to challenge and engage each worker and boost satisfaction.

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