IT Services For Marketing and Sales Success


IT services – what comes to mind when you hear this term? Servers, networks, computers and those infamous IT tickets? I bet marketing wasn’t one, but here’s why it should be:

The loop is closing between IT and marketing. Data is more important than ever, and ease of access to data about your company will provide not only more leads and prospects, but can streamline the process of turning a click on your website into a sale.

IT and MarketingBusiness hours end – but the Internet never goes to sleep. Visitors, and thus potential sales, will be visiting your website at all hours of the day, especially visitors residing in global time zones. There are several IT options available, such as cloud technology, which can make your data available remotely to every employee in your company.

Hosting your data, applications and servers in the Cloud will give you and your employees access to important documents, vital applications and data monitoring.

If you’re not monitoring your audience, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to optimize your marketing and sales opportunities. Marketing teams are no longer creating generic promotions and messages to appeal to a wide audience of shoppers.

Rather, marketing teams are relying heavily on data solutions and IT services to create a 360-degree picture of the target consumer audience. With more accurate and detailed customer data, marketing teams are able to design customized promotions and campaigns that offer a higher return on investment through more efficient data mining practices.

Once the data has been collected by marketing teams, IT services are needed to help analyze the information and report on the findings. Statistics and figures may mean something to IT professionals, but offer little insight to marketing teams. Thus, IT experts must implement solutions that can analyze customer information and translate it into actionable insights for marketing teams to ensure the collected data is used to its fullest potential. Without proper IT services in place, marketing teams may miss out on valuable opportunities to capitalize on customer engagement, which could negatively impact a business' marketshare or competitive edge.

The gap between the gold mine of IT data available from your provider and marketing opportunities doesn’t have to be large. Having a trustworthy, engaged IT service will not only save you money by its implementation, but can drive business through data management.

The use of IT solutions and the need for tech-savvy services has permeated all departments of a company. No matter the industry or market, every company has some form of IT demands that impact the level of productivity within each branch of the enterprise. IT services are required through operations today, including human resources, customer service, accounting and marketing.

Digital year
A recent survey from The Chief Marketing Officer Council revealed what many marketing teams are planning to do in the upcoming year to better leverage customer data. Marketing campaigns no longer perform well without adequate data support, and 60 percent of CMOs plan to adjust practices to accommodate these needs through new hires or IT outsourcing.

"Data and web analytics are going to be big hiring priorities for marketing departments," said Liz Miller, vice president of the CMO Council. "CMOs are coming out and saying, 'We are the ultimate representative of the voice of the customer. We translate the brand into business, and that's no longer just the stewardship of branding and advertising.'"

Cloud computing services, website optimization and having a trusted technology advisor will drive your marketing and sales efforts. To learn more about these services, please click below.