Optimized IT Services Necessary for Today’s Successful Business


Businesses from manufacturing to hospitality and everything in between have increasing IT services requirements that must be fulfilled without waste and with increased efficiency. Companies will find it harder compete in the increasingly globalized economy without the proper IT solutions in place to drive innovation and efficiency. Many businesses quickly are beginning to realize that outsourcing IT services allows them to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and services without allocating significant financial resources and capital to supporting in-house staff.

Setting up a consult with professional IT service providers can help in identifying and targeting technology services that are costing more than they should or not performing to their full potential. Isolating overspending in IT and optimizing the efficiency of systems are two main areas that will increase your ROI in IT outsourcing.

A recent survey from Offshore Insights revealed companies in the United States and Europe are continually increasing their spending on IT services outsourcing, which in turn is increasing their market share and boosting competitiveness on a global scale. In 2013, 14 percent of companies surveyed plan to increase IT spending by 5 to 10 percent from figures in 2012, and 43 percent will boost spending by up to 5 percent. About 27 percent of companies will not change IT spending, but will look into new services to deploy as new innovations enter the market.

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Sudin Apte, CEO and research director of Offshore Insights, explained the results of the study suggest optimism among many enterprises regarding the economic recovery. The majority of firms expect to increase business and expansion plans in the upcoming year, requiring more IT solutions and services to support the growth.

"A couple of years ago, we saw that the majority of clients were not taking decisions and were even canceling projects," Apte said. "Decisions that were being delayed will now be taken in the coming year, but budget increases are going to trail sentiments."

There would not be plans for increased IT demand and spending without an optimistic business outlook in most industries. With the economic outlook improving at a steady rate, companies that choose to go global sooner will see positive results faster than their competitors in their respective industries.

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