Why outsourced IT services and support are on the rise for SMBs


IT services provider, IT outsourcingIf you're a small business builder, have you considered the many benefits of outsourcing IT services? How do IT services factor into your growth plan for the future?

Double digit demand
A recent study from Parks Associates revealed small and medium-sized businesses worldwide are looking to third-party providers at a steady rate to help tackle network complexity, cloud computing implementation and management of employee-owned mobile devices all working together through integrated systems.

Because an in-house IT department is expensive in both full-time salaries and use of resources, many small businesses cannot support full IT teams. Instead, they are contracting with IT service experts to take over network management and cloud computing activities at an increasing rate.

The research found the tech support market for small and medium-sized businesses is set to increase at a 14.4 percent compound annual growth rate from 2012 to 2016 to reach nearly $25 billion in the next three years. About 45 percent of SMBs in the United States have contracted with IT services providers at least once in the last year, but just basic services are no longer enough as network management and integration grows in complexity.

As a result, SMBs are becoming more reliant on 24/7 IT services providers that offer more robust expertise, have experience in specific industries and help reduce expenditures through efficiency and best practices.

The growing demand for IT services is largely in light of increased network demands and cloud computing storage and application adoption. These complex demands and needs are driving more innovative, robust IT service offerings from providers, creating a new breed of contracts for the modern, data-driven marketplace.