IT supply chain integrity is a top concern


MP900387775When selecting an IT services provider to offer supply chain management services, many companies are looking to experts who focus on ensuring the integrity of the information and services across the entire supply chain. A recent study by Gartner revealed supply chain IT integrity is a top three security-related concerns for many large companies, as enterprise IT supply chains are evolving in light of new demands and security issues. Therefore, companies are working collaboratively with IT providers to ensure all necessary security measures are taken while they deploy network management solutions company-wide.

Details of the study
The study defined supply chain integrity as a process of managing an organization's internal capabilities, as well as those of partners and suppliers. IT providers are tasked with ensuring all aspects of an integrated solution are protected, relieving the supply chain members' fear of a data breach or security failure somewhere in the operational process.

According to Neil McDonald, research vice president and Gartner fellow, IT supply chain integrity concerns affect all industries and, if left unchecked, can have significant ramifications on business growth in the future. IT providers are reshaping the way they deliver services so as to add extra protections, and companies looking to outsource must be aware of the necessary changes before signing a contract. The changes being made will help companies embrace and adopt cloud-based solutions and consumerization trends, which will improve the bottom line and return on investment.

"IT supply chain integrity issues are expanding from hardware into software and information," said Ray Valdes, research vice president at Gartner. "They are growing more complex as IT systems are assembled from a large number of geographically diverse providers, and, now of mainstream concern to enterprise IT."