Choosing an IT Services Provider: Must Have Skills


IT Services workersWhen determining who will be in charge of network management, IT services and other application deployment, small-business owners are turning to third party providers that offer cost-effective solutions. In the interview process of selecting an IT services provider to work with, business owners should consider what specific skills the contractors have to offer and how they can be applied to operations, functionality and growth.

While certain skills may seem impressive or appropriate for certain companies, not all businesses will benefit the same from their application. Owners must understand the needs of their company before choosing an IT services provider, to ensure the skills of the contractors align with the business plan and goals of the enterprise now and in the future.

Whitepaper breakdown

A recent whitepaper outlined the most highly sought-after IT skills and the value each brings to the business model. All industries are finding a need for employees and contractors with IT skills, some with more specific demands and others with general needs.

While IT services have infiltrated all aspects of a business, a strong leadership team with expertise is needed to ensure consistency and security throughout. Deciding on contractors and an IT services provider to fulfill these requirements is easier when companies understand what they need and what is being offered.

One important skill many industries are looking to leverage is software development capabilities. Understanding of software development lifecycle and how production can relate to project success, service demands and regulatory compliance are key for several industries. IT experts with strong backgrounds and experiences in software development will likely add value to any team.

Open source programming knowledge is another important skill businesses are on the prowl for. IT experts with language skills in open source programming are able to take on a larger number of applications and technologies that can improve a company's online presence and enable growth in the digital environment. A strong web presence can boost sales and drive growth into new markets and industries.

In addition, many smaller companies have already invested in IT infrastructure and mobile devices that employees conduct business on. IT providers that use and are fluent in the software, applications and components of these specific technologies will have a more seamless integration into the company than other experts.

Companies that only work with Microsoft products, for example, may look for brand-specific work experience or expertise. These providers will not only be comfortable in the company's network, but will also help other departments work through glitches with technology and functionality.