Mobile device management is key to SMB efficiency


describe the imageA growing number of small and medium-sized businesses are discovering the benefits of bring-your-own-device policies, and they are outsourcing their mobile IT services to mobile device management experts so as to monitor and track policy, inventory and security.

What companies have realized is that a disconnect between mobile technology and existing IT infrastructure can lead to inefficiencies and misunderstandings, while seamless integration of mobile and on-premise services improves productivity and reduces errors. Thus, outsourcing mobile network management tasks will ensure the mobile technology is intertwined for optimal results.

Importance of integration
When combining a mobile data management service with existing IT service management strategies, companies and IT service providers have many tasks ahead of them, such as making antiquated technology interoperable with new systems and training employees on how to operate the new interfaces. Because employees are continually using smartphones, laptops and tablets for business activities, it is important each step is completed successfully to ensure the highest level of performance and data security in the mobile network, Network World reported.

By integrating mobile data management solutions into existing IT platforms, companies will gain control over all assets from a single platform to improve consistency and transparency organization-wide. Outsourcing many of these tasks to a third-party IT services provider will also aid in improving consistency, by allowing certain duties to be maintained externally and enabling internal departments to work on more timely projects, Network World reported.

Tips for management
When working with a third-party provider, a company still has many mobile network management duties to ensure consistency across the organization. Business Insider outlined a few tips for managing mobile devices for small businesses, including establishing clear and written policies to provide all employees with references when they have questions regarding their mobile devices' functions or security.

In addition, companies should set up lockscreens on all devices to ensure a level of protection against external threats or if the device is lost. There can be a specific disposal policy set in place to safely discard old devices before adopting new ones. This will ensure the data on old devices is properly eliminated and erased, allowing no data breach or release of information into the wrong hands, Business Insider reported.