IBM boosts beer company growth through Smarter Commerce solutions


IBM has been working with companies from various industries across the world to improve supply chain management software and technology to advance the speed and efficiency of business. Companies are embracing the IBM services and solutions, leveraging the technology to increase sales, reduce errors and improve overall productivity.

Bringing beer to the cloud
At the recent Smarter Commerce Global Summit, launched to showcase IBM's latest supply chain management software and solutions initiative, Anheuser-Busch InBev announced it is expanding its relationship with IBM to take advantage of the available cloud-based applications. The e-sourcing solutions will be used to extend and improve the company's supply chain management operations, working to eliminate errors and delays while improving delivery and service to customers worldwide.

Mark Roberts, global e-sourcing center director at AB InBev, explained that the company has always been focused on enhancing and increasing the benefits of strategic global supply chain management efforts, while also recognizing the nuances of the individual regions it serves.

"Additionally, we continue to strive to maintain strong financial discipline in our procurement activities," Roberts said. "With IBM Emptoris, we have found that perfect supply management mechanism and valued partnership to invest in ideas together, and nurture them for the long term as we support operations in both developed and emerging markets."

What IBM will offer
Under the new partnership, AB InBev and IBM will work under a five-year contract to extend the application of IBM Emptoris solutions included in the IBM Smarter Commerce program. The solutions are cloud-based services that help streamline supplier sourcing and contract management from any device or location.

The initiative will transform the way AB InBev manages and adapts to customer and industry trends and preferences, specifically reacting to procurement, marketing, selling and service processes. The goal of the cloud-based solutions is to address challenges brought forth by the acceleration in online shopping and communications, as well as the on-demand access to information by all members of a supply chain.

Through the use of IBM Smarter Commerce solutions, AB InBev will be able to improve and innovate its procurement operations and develop a strategy to cut costs and supply risks while enhancing productivity at each stage of deployment. AB InBev will use the technology to achieve breakthroughs in supply chain visibility, obtain higher e-auctions volume and train 250 global employees on the latest strategies remotely.