Ogilvy & Mather moves forward with IBM Smarter Commerce Solutions


Use of supply chain management software and applications is helping companies across a variety of industries expand operations, improve efficiency and elevate themselves to new levels of productivity. Many weaknesses in operations can be identified early and addressed using management and business integration technology, making enterprises more competitive and adaptable to a fluctuating market.

Ogilvy & Mather's ecommerce practice recently partnered with IBM solutions for its Smarter Commerce initiative, which will provide the company with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure options to meet the demands of O&M's growing client list.

IBM offers more
Prior to working with IBM's Smarter Commerce program, O&M had established a multi-billion dollar ecommerce empire that anticipates exceeding $100 million in revenue in the next three to four years. The company's ecommerce business combines analytics and customer relationship management technology with retail and shopper marketing best practices to create an enhanced retail ecosystem.

ibm smarter commerce overview

"We've already built an extensive network of offices and capabilities that add value to our clients' businesses and has proven to be in keeping with our model to add new offerings that leverage changes in our industry such as consulting, performance marketing, sustainability and more," said Miles Young, chairman and CEO of O&M.

The goal of the business is to provide an interconnected digital and physical retail shopping experience for customers across numerous platforms. Now, O&M is looking to improve its ecommerce platform further, to provide unparalleled services to customers and retailers online.

What IBM brings
By partnering with IBM, O&M will be equipped to more effectively engage selective and digitally empowered consumers. IBM offers analytics and cloud technology to incorporate the CRM and shopper-centric capabilities of O&M with an enhanced user experience and business development portal. The Smarter Commerce program works to benefit both participating parties, creating a symbiotic relationship playing into each members' strengths.

"Ecommerce engagements are complex and require multiple types of vertical expertise to meet that client need," said Carl Harman, leader of O&M's ecommerce platform. "The IBM/O&M partnership will include joint training and education sessions, new collaborative service options and a one-stop solution for clients to power and simplify their ecommerce engagement."