Supply chains thrive on combined systems


Modern IT does not need to exist in isolation. Companies can constantly boost their efficiency in the logistics arena through an infusion of new technology. According to Freight Industry Timesdescribe the image contributor Claire Umney, execution is the end goal of new IT procurement. She stated that firms can improve their logistics in several distinct ways, with strength in
each individual tech area intimately connected to the others.

Key performance indicators

Supply chain management can be hard to quantify due to its multifaceted nature. There are many small, individual processes within the supply chain, each with its own unique way to measure success. Umney indicated that companies, to make sure they are operating at peak efficiency, need to measure their reliability and flexibility, as well as their responses to events, cost management and asset use efficiency.

Measuring key performance indicators is a job for business intelligence, but, according to Umney, the data originates in enterprise resource planning data stores. With A2A integration, however, companies can link their systems together. Umney recommended making systems work together, engaging in high visibility practices that unite various facets of operations.

Integrating apps with a modern platform, such as the cloud, could be the solution that companies need. Transferring data manually between systems could become a thing of the past, a waste of man-hours that is no longer necessary in light of technology that can automatically synchronize data within a supply chain or, in the case of B2B integration, between close partners.

Specific options

There are a number of popular and niche applications that can change the way companies interact with one another. Adding these unique capabilities to an overall application network can bring exciting new benefits. SAP recently announced several new analytics applications with direct relevance to the supply chain, making them exciting potential parts of an overall app plan. Fortunately for business users, SAP integration procedures exist to bring the apps into line.

The most recent relevant SAP announcement is SAP Net Margin Analysis. The app is specifically designed to help companies make the most of their B2B transactions and detect any losses they may be incurring in the course of their supply processes. While companies may have complex or multifaceted operations, such programs help standardize the view of the overall infrastructure and highlight opportunities. In a fast-paced and volatile supply chain world, every well-integrated application can help.