Experts offer Managed File Transfer Solution Selection Tips

cloud based managed file transfer solution

B2B integration is necessary in the modern global economy. Connecting supply chain partners around the world to smooth business processes and be more agile than rivals is a part of the business toolkit.

One type of deployment uniquely well suited to integration challenges is the cloud. Accessible from anywhere, cloud technology represents a way for companies to come together with instant access to partners' data. EWeek recently devoted a report to demystifying the process of cloud-based B2B integration and managed file transfer solutions to help business partners connect with confidence.

Expert tips

EWeek reminded users of cloud-based managed file transfer to consider what types of file they will be transmitting with the system and how frequently. The system that the company selects should be versatile, as the current IT world involves transfer of many types and various sizes. These transactions are also not necessarily on any schedule, meaning an adaptable service is extremely important for high-speed integration.

The source also singled out the visibility of the transfer process as a critical consideration. Companies may need to make their files available for compliance and auditing purposes, or they could simply want the data for their own internal analysis. Either way, selecting a product with open and easy-to-inspect transfers can help.

A third eWeek suggestion for companies selecting a transfer partner in the cloud is security. The need for security is present in every type of file transfer between corporate partners. Whether through a secure connection, file encryption or both, companies need to make sure that their data is impervious to attack when on the move and at rest.

According to the source, using FTP systems to move unencrypted files on normal channels is an example of a file transfer solution that does not pass security muster.

EWeek's rationale behind offering file transfer selection tips involves wide confusion among companies. According to the source, many companies are unsure about the nature of managed file transfer in the cloud, making it difficult to make a decision on a specific vendor.