Alliances, mergers boost B2B integration solutions


The world of B2B integration is an active, vital one. With companies placing more value than ever on corporate data and with speed at a premium, providers in the field of integration products are constantly re-tooling their offerings to add more value. A recent trend in the field has been the combination of services and products between multiple providers, creating new solutions that solve specific business problems.

One provider making a move to expand and improve its offerings is SEEBERGER. The company, in a bid to offer a powerful new data loss prevention tool, teamed with field specialist Code Green Networks. Working together, the two firms debuted a joint solution for SEEBURGER's business integration suite. The new tool is designed to be easy and quick to install on a system and uses Code Green's loss prevention technology to immediately warn users of the SEEBURGER software if a file in transit violates security or does not comply with industry regulations.

"Content-aware data loss prevention adds the critical ability to analyze the content of that file and execute actions accordingly, including forbidding the transfer of sensitive information," said Rohit Khanna, SEEBURGER's global strategy executive vice president 

Another large player on the B2B integration field, IBM, also recently announced a key partnership. IBM's move is designed to bring the company into an area predicted by some to dictate the future of enterprise software - cloud computing. IBM's recent Smarter Commerce Initiative is built on a foundation acquisitions, adding new systems and products to IBM's business offerings.

The acquisition of Emptoris added significantly to IBM's supply chain management and B2B integration products by giving users the capability to perform cloud-based analytics on many steps of the process. The large amount of information delivered by the new offerings is designed to change the way decisions are made during the integration and data migration process, as well as on all links in the supply chain. The system's value, company officials say, will come from its ability to lower sourcing costs and decrease risks.

The beginning of IBM's strategy itself was enabled by the addition of another company's operations. The current generation of B2B offerings from integration services to supply chain management was born from the merger of IBM with Sterling Commerce. Following the Emptoris purchase, the acquisition streak continued with the addition of DemandTec to the Smarter Commerce Initiative.