Amazon cloud boasts helpful business applications


Amazon Cloud Computing LogoWhen they needed business software systems, companies used to engage in costly and time consuming installation and upgrade procedures. Everything from antivirus software to data transfer systems were delivered physically and on traditional financial models.

The cloud has changed everything, however, as the technology's application delivery model is completely hands off, with no installation on local systems needed.

The Amazon cloud has grown so large that, according to Wired, it now underlies a significant percentage of everything on the internet. The source stated that internet researcher Craig Labovitz has found the Amazon cloud is responsible for sending or receiving 1 percent of all web traffic. He stated that its amazing elasticity is one of the things that makes it Amazon's service so important, with companies able to draw supercomputer power from the infrastructure for a short time and only pay for what they use.

According to a recent eWeek report, Amazon stands as one of the leaders in the cloud application sales. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, which has been active for more than five years, now acts as a portal for companies to easily access new software, even complex systems such as secure file transfer.

Dominant position

The eWeek report stated that AWS' executives have faith that the cloud will eventually replace the on-site deployment model for business applications in general. Executives stated their commitment to keeping the platform secure and focusing on the needs of their customers. Amazon is in the process of constant internal cost-cutting, passing the savings on to users purchasing services through subscription models.

"We’re trying to break through the traditional models of enterprise software vendors," Amazon's CTO Werner Vogels told the source. "Enterprises have been held hostage by long-term software contracts."

Integration on AWS

Companies in need of a B2B integration solution can find SEEBURGER SEE FX on the service. Despite appearing on the Amazon service, the software interacts with many different popular brands of enterprise software and is capable of SAP integration. No matter what type of infrastructure as company has in place, adding a managed file transfer application is now extremely easy.

No local software installation means users can replace their FTP servers with a lightweight and secure system. The software can be accessed through a web browser or Microsoft Outlook, meaning users can engage in the same behaviors they have always used and reap the new technology's benefits. Businesses using the AWS version of the software can partition a private section of the Amazon cloud for safe business use.