IT risk management will be important in 2012, report finds


This year will be an important development in the world of information technology as cloud computing, virtualization and mobility are seamlessly intertwined within the internal workings of many businesses.

However, as these trends begin to emerge, it is also an important time for organizations to reevaluate their IT risk management policies. By doing this, companies can ensure that when they use these new technologies, they will keep their sensitive data secure and protected from any potential breach.

In fact, the next 12 months will be a defining period for enterprise IT, according to a report by 451 Research.


"Economic concerns will weigh heavily on the minds of IT decision-makers this year, and will increasingly drive customers toward considering cloud-based approaches," said research director Simon Robinson. "Indeed, 2012 could be when the cloud comes of age, and for the first time will really begin to nip away at traditional IT deployment models in enterprise environments."

The research firm predicted that cloud computing and virtualization technologies will move from the back burner to mission-critical resources in 2012. These cost-effective solutions will help the entire company improve efficiency, from supply chain management to the IT department. The money saved from implementing the technologies will help reallocate financial resources throughout the business, while improving technological effectiveness and the operational productivity of employees.

However, IT risk management will become more involved with these solutions in the coming year as cloud security remains an imminent concern for decision-makers. This is because the idea of data protection in the cloud is still one-sided, as chief information officers see it either favoring customers or the business instead of both, the report noted.

Nevertheless, service providers and developers are working on ways to effectively scale security solutions across large cloud networks. This is also important because the majority of organizations will not use only one cloud, but multiple environments, the report noted. For example, supply chains may have their own cloud to keep track of inventory, while the financial department may have their own network for secure transaction management.

According to experts, PCI compliance is part of the foundation of IT risk management for companies that collect and story payment card data. Other important aspects of IT risk management include utilizing and monitoring tools and technology effectively.

This means that companies planning to deploy cloud computing and virtualization technologies in the coming year should do so securely.