The A2A integration market changes as cloud technologies mature


As cloud technologies continue to evolve and mature, real-time A2A integration capabilities are gaining more momentum.  While data integration in the cloud has been around for a while, application integration solutions are just beginning to emerge, with the latter being able to solve more problems than older generation services, according to IT expert Hollis Tibbetts.

The introduction of new solutions by a number of different organizations, however, demonstrates the new application integration market is gaining traction among businesses.

cloud technologies mature 

Additionally, it shows that these services for the cloud are necessary and more organizations are realizing their importance. Real-time solutions enable companies to keep pace with the constantly evolving and changing ecommerce landscape, Tibbetts said in a blog post for ebizQ. It also allows for leaders in the industry to stand out and make themselves more known.

Meanwhile, as the market expands, application integration solution providers and companies that understand business processes can combine and make extremely effective software. This is what's happening in the market today, and as the cloud develops, the trend will likely carry through 2012 and beyond, changing the way that businesses operate and supply chain management policies are created, according to Tibbetts.

Additionally, a number of different industries and companies can benefit from these developments. For example, many middleware vendors will be able to step away from the "middleware technology quagmire," Tibbetts asserted, and move toward packaged solutions. This capability has been desired by many providers lately and is now, finally, coming true.

Furthermore, companies providing these packaged services will be able to gain a competitive advantage over rival firms. As these technologies will have greater value in the cloud, they can be sold faster to organizations implementing cloud computing and looking to remain connected in real time. Additionally, these companies will require less assistance and have a significantly lowered risk factor, since services will be offered in the cloud. In the end, these products will make A2A integration much simpler, reducing the demanding requirements that they traditionally needed, Hollis Tibbetts continued.

According to a report by WinterGReen Research, the enterprise application integration market is likely to continue growing, especially as innovative technologies constantly emerge. In fact, the research firm predicts that the market will generate about $11.5 billion in revenue by 2013.

The leaders of this industry will be the ones that can provide substantial competitive advantages over the competition, potentially by giving packaged solutions.