Innovative supply chain management trends will emerge in 2012


After an interesting year in 2011, many research analysts are predicting that the supply chain industry will undergo some serious changes in 2012.

In fact, a number of experts believe that innovative technologies and varying costs will really come into play, requiring leaders to become more flexible and aggressive in their response to these industry developments.

As a result of these upcoming transformations, leading supply chain professionals have made some predictions as to what will unfold in the new year, according to Industry Leaders Magazine.


1. Flexibility will be the key to success

Traditionally, many supply chains have simply chased down cost savings at the risk of losing customers. Now it will be necessary for organizations to manage a two-way balance of handling a wide range of manufacturing solutions as well as the rising number of customers, according to the report.

2. Centralized control will be more popular

The flawlessness across the entire supply chain will determine whether or not the organization is successful. Therefore, utilizing centralized commands to oversee the entire production and avoid problems will be more widely adopted in 2012, Industry Leader Magazine noted.

3. Supply chain planning will be elongated

With the growing number of planning services available to supply chains, industries should be able to determine end goals and set the direction in which they intend to travel, the news source noted. This will make them much more efficient than traditional plans, which often only yielded half of the desired goals.

4. Utilizing social media resources can improve communication capabilities

Currently, many supply chain industries are using social networks for their most basic capability: the ability to connect with consumers and co-workers on a large scale. However, as these resources develop, as will their ability to assist both internal and external communication.

A recent report from Gartner revealed that social media, along with cloud computing and other mobile technologies, are supposed to make a major impact on industries around the globe in 2012. In fact, social media was ranked as one of the most disruptive innovations that industry leaders and decision makers should plan for next year.

In the end, it comes down to how supply chains use these new trends and innovations to their advantage that will determine how well they adapt to the new environment of the coming year.