Business integration New Year's resolutions for all companies


January isn't yet a week old, so there's still time to make a New Year's resolution to better yourself in 2012. Plus, the early part of the year is when resolutions are still going strong and haven't yet had the opportunity to fade into oblivion.

In the spirit of the resolution season, IT Business Edge contributor Lorraine Lawson identified several popular ones that companies can marry to their business integration strategies, practices and goals for a more efficient business this year.

Get in shape

Here's one that almost all of us make, but are guilty of not following through on. It's why all gyms seem overcrowded during the month of January but are all but barren come February. Make this year different in terms of business integration.


Much of the sluggishness of integration comes from slow and outdated practices, according to Lawson. This year, she said, companies should work to implement lean practices to speed the deployment of new systems and complete the process more efficiently.

Travel more

Who doesn't want to see new and exotic places? It's much like the feeling many companies have in exploring new technologies. Well, Lawson said, this is the year to do it and break out of that rut the company has been stuck in.

"This year, get ahead of the game by exploring new places and technologies and how they can make life easier for you and business users," she wrote.

For many companies, such exploration will be focused on cloud computing and mobility solutions. According to a recent TechTarget report, the cloud, in particular, is a driving many companies' integration programs, which was the main topic of discussion at last month's Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit in Las Vegas. By properly integrating these new technologies, companies are hoping to promote productivity, efficiency and flexibility among their workforces.

Get organized

Too often our lives are in disarray, and business integration programs are no different, according to Lawson. In 2012, companies should work to change the way they procure, deploy and implement new technology, apps and systems. In addition to improving such areas, changes will also allow the organization to save money in the process.

Devise an integration strategy, communicate it to all areas of the organization and stick with it.