The post-holiday business integration shopping list


This holiday season, chances are that many IT administrators out there have put together a wish list of business integration products they'd like to receive for 2012. Unfortunately, these lists may have been completely overlooked by management in the rush to find gifts for families and friends.

However, now that many have returned to work and rested from the holidays, managers can shift their attention to fulfilling these (very important) IT wish lists. 


And fortunately, there's a perfect integration gift for all types of companies, according to a recent IT Business Edge report.

"IT leaders are busy, particularly at the end of the year, with all the pressing year-end reports and holiday brunches. Who has time to shop for that perfect gift for the integration team?" contributor Loraine Lawson wrote for the news provider. "Don’t worry - I’ve got you covered. No matter what type of IT shop you run, there’s an integration gift for you."

The big ticket item

Given the rise in data volumes experienced by organizations of all sizes around the world, many have been focusing on implementing cutting-edge technology to harness the information surge. And many have turned to the newly minted Hadoop system.

So, according to Lawson, this year's integration equivalent to the Tickle Me Elmo or Furby - the one thing that everyone must have - is a connector for Hadoop. Lawson said the data integration tool is the perfect gift for any company this holiday season.

For the hip

What's more stylish in IT right now than cloud computing? So, for the integration manager on your list whose company has deployed the cloud, be sure to purchase an A2A integration solution, according to Lawson.

Give a special gift that will seamlessly connect a company's newly minted cloud apps with its legacy systems, all while avoiding the creation of more silos.

Good for the hard-to-buy-for

There's always that one person on everybody's list that is impossible to shop for. In the integration world, those people are the "big players and the savvy small shops," Lawson wrote.

For those people, Lawson suggested an integration competency center with a smart and skilled staff.

"If you’re not sure what to get, an ICC is this year’s safest bet and is sure to give the recipient years of joyful integration best practices," she said.

Business integration is on the rise, as more companies are looking to foster growth through the use of new technology and cutting-edge applications, according to experts.