Apple can count on top-performing supply chain for continued success


Many wondered about the future of Apple shortly after Steve Jobs, who helped build the company from the ground up and was responsible for much of its creative vision, resigned fromdescribe the image his post as CEO in late August. Many of the same concerns resurfaced in the days following Jobs' death after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Following both incidents, experts have pointed to one area in which Apple has long thrived and will help keep the company at the forefront of the electronics industry - supply chain management. 


"Apple has certainly shown that you can successfully manage a complex offshore supply chain, even where there are huge issues around confidentiality for instance, and they’ve shown an impressive ability to plan and scale production when required," Peter Smith recently wrote for Spend Matters U.K./Europe.

Under Jobs' leadership, Apple built one of the most top-performing supply chains in the world. The company's relationship with its business partners and its ability to bring products to market quickly and efficiently helped pave the way for some of the most acclaimed technological advancements - including the iPod, iPhone and iPad - of the 21st century.

There was widespread speculation that Apple stock would plummet in the wake of Jobs' passing, but such an event didn't happen due to the company's "unparalleled talent base and corporate culture that sets the table for future success and innovation," analyst Michael Walkley of Canaccord Genuity recently told Forbes.

The same can be said of the company's focus on supply chain management. According to Forbes, that's one of the reasons that experts and analysts believe Apple will continue to thrive.

"We view Apple's latest product launches of iPhone 5s, iCloud and iOS 7 as examples of the innovative products we expect Apple to continue to bring to market despite the leadership change," Walkley said, according to Forbes.

In June, research firm Gartner named Apple the company with the top supply chain as part of its Supply Chain Top 25 for 2011 report. Apple tallied an 8.5 under the research firm's scoring system to finish ahead of Dell's 5.14 and Proctor & Gamble's 5.13. It was the fourth straight year that Apple claimed the top spot for the report.