Analyst Perspective: What’s Driving the Need for Improved B2B Integration and Collaboration Capabilities?


The Need for Speed and Greater Responsiveness

There’s no question that the speed of business is increasing. Meeting customers’ escalating expectations places extreme pressure on companies to improve top line revenue, respond to customer and partner demands, and reduce costs. For many companies, the infrastructure just isn’t there to support this level of speed and responsiveness.

This underlying need for speed is one of the main reasons why companies are investing in their B2B integration initiatives.  In fact, according to Aberdeen Group research, the number of leaders engaging in a B2B integration initiative has more than doubled in percentage over the last few years.

B2B Integration and Collaboration: The Leader's AdvantageThese B2B integration initiatives are focused on removing barriers and improving communication and collaboration between suppliers and customers.  This is not only to meet customer expectations, but to improve processes, minimize delays, and ultimately improve visibility across supply chain. All of this drives strategic advantages.

We recently interviewed Bryan Ball, Aberdeen Group Vice President and Group Director, Supply Chain Management, on this topic to produce an eight-part video series entitled B2B Integration and Collaboration: The Leader's Advantage.  

Bryan draws upon over 30 years of supply chain, operations, and technology experience in a variety of industries to explore:

  1. What's driving the need for improved B2B integration and collaboration capabilities
  2. Challenges companies face in their B2B integration initiatives
  3. What effectiveness means in B2B, and how to identify how effective your organization is
  4. The impact of speed and visibility on B2B relationships and the supply chain
  5. Recommended actions for both "leaders" and "followers"
  6. Critical B2B capabilities for meeting today's requirements
  7. Why companies should consider cloud or SaaS solutions for B2B integration 
  8. Best practices for maximizing success in B2B integration initiatives

View the first video of the series below, where Lori Angalich of Lightwell and Bryan Ball of Aberdeen Group explore the drivers behind the need for improved B2B integration and collaboration capabilities. We hope you enjoy it. We'll feature other segments from the series in future blog posts.