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Kyle Roth

Kyle leads our client relationships for Analytics practice based in the Dublin, Ohio (US) Offices. Previously he was an analytics practitioner within the Insurance sector leading teams to deliver trusted data, business insights and advanced analytics. Most recently he worked for Qlik supporting clients at many Fortune 100 companies to optimize their decision culture, with a focus on data literacy and location analytics. Since joining Lightwell, Kyle enjoys helping clients take a holistic approach and prove-value-fast with new ideas. His favorite coaching line is “Even Monkeys Fall out of Trees” and his golf game has survived because of those words! When not playing golf, he can be found coaching his boys basketball team or watching his daughter play volleyball.
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Recent Posts

Data Literacy – What it is and Why it’s so Important

By Kyle Roth | Wed, Dec 05, 2018

What good is data if you can't use it? If you can't find it? If you can't make sense of it? What good is data if you are intimidated trying to interpret it?

People are human. We avoid things that make us uncomfortable. Well maybe that's not you. Kudos.

But what good is data if it works for you, but not your colleague on the floor above or the practitioner in the field? And why such a disparity between those who feel at home with data and those that don't?

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