What Aspera eXtreme File Transfer and the World Cup Have in Common


aspera eXtreme file transfer lightwellAt first glance, managed file transfer and the World Cup wouldn't seem to have much in common. What does the transmission of corporate files have to do with the preeminent soccer - or football, depending on what country you're in - tournament in the world? The recent forging of a partnership between IBM and Aspera, which brought live World Cup streams to far-flung viewers, highlighted the importance of rapid transmit for large files. As big data and massively sized files become more prominent in many industries, organizations need a managed file transfer solution that can efficiently, reliability and cost-effectively send these files.

IBM added a key partner to its fleet of managed file transfer solutions by linking with Aspera, the Emeryville, California-based company that has been innovating in the high-speed file transfer arena since it was founded in 2004. Generally, as Business Today contributor Sunny Sen pointed out, strategic partnerships don't usually pay dividends before the ink dries on the contract. In IBM and Aspera's case, however, the World Cup proved to be a serendipitous and logical place to show what these advanced managed file transfer tools can do. 

Putting the world in the World Cup
​Aspera enabled IBM to secure a deal to broadcast matches from the World Cup live, over the Internet, Sen wrote. With transcontinental live broadcasts, picture quality or delivery ofteniStock 000008112698 Medium suffers due to the sheer size of the files being transferred. With Aspera's technology, which breaks down a massive file into smaller packets for easier Internet transmission, IBM was able to deliver broadcasts transcoded in the cloud. 

"The older technology that everyone around used was not for high definition video," said François Quereuil, Aspera senior director of worldwide marketing, according to Sen. "There is too much of back and forth on the Web which causes packet loss."

By using this form of high-level managed file transfer, leveraged through the cloud, IBM was able to rapidly deliver lossless video to its subscribers. Overall, more people benefit from the capacity to send large files across long distances and through different file formats, increasing potential audience and ensuring high quality standards can be maintained.

The advantages of ultra-fast large file transfer
The issues that any file transfer encounters are magnified as the size of the file increases. The size itself can create latency and bottlenecks on either the outgoing or receiving network, especially if several large files need to be sent simultaneously or one after another. With more files containing lengthy videos, high resolution graphics, huge data stores and various multimedia, the possibility that a large size file could derail productivity grows. Additionally, any formatting or compatibility issues can cause system slowness that rises exponentially, as any problem takes that much longer to identify, troubleshoot and amend. In addition, security issues and potential vulnerabilities increase as resources, bandwidth and IT support needs to be concentrated on single file transfers. Legacy managed file transfer applications may not be sufficient to send large files at the blazing speed that many enterprises demand.

The features of Aspera's eXtreme File Transfer address these issues, using the cloud and the packet-simplifying technology to cut transmission times of large files to a fraction of the former duration. It provides capacity for the movement of large data sets, both unstructured and structured, as well as multimedia-rich files and complex reports. It also can move data effectively between different devices, enabling a mobile user and PC user to share large files instantaneously and with maximum interoperability.

This solution, especially if it is deployed by a managed services provider with expertise in the IBM managed file transfer portfolio, can help supply chain stakeholders optimize their connections for faster, smarter supply chains. Businesses, like World Cup viewers, need solutions that ensure they don't miss a minute of the action.

Ready for file transfer at extreme speeds?

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