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Senior Information Security Consultant - Data Loss Prevention

Location: Bloomington, IN

Lightwell is looking for a Senior Information Security consultant for a challenging and rewarding long-term (12 month) Data Loss Prevention engagement.

Candidates must have extensive hands-on implementation and configuration experience with a recent (10 or newer) version of the entire Symantec Data Loss Prevention (formerly known as Vontu) products in large scale environments.

Engagement Overview

  • Implementing all aspects of DLP over next year plus
  • DLP solution is new to client, purchased in March 2011
  • Business Unit selected the product and "asked" IT to implement
  • DLP will be monitoring all 17000 agent offices, 28 operational centers, 3 Data Centers, 200000 endpoints

Rough implementation plan:

  1. Network Monitor
  2. Endpoint
  3. Network Discover

Rough Infrastructure plans:

  1. Network prevent for email and web: 9 servers for email;30 server for web
  2. Endpoint - 40 servers managing 200K workstations endpoints
  3. Indexing Server for some databases

Scope of work:

  • Assist with customer with their implementation of DLP
  • Provide guidance, recommendations, best practices, etc. for DLP operations
  • Advise on DLP compliance and remediation processes
  • Troubleshoot DLP issues and drive supports cases to resolution
  • Liaison with Symantec Support, Product Management, Develop on behalf of customer
  • Optimize DLP performance, including DLP and rules and reports
  • Informal knowledge transfer to customer staff
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