The following outlines the roles and responsibilities for the above titled position at Lightwell. The position is focused on the management and strategic development of its internal IT department, supporting all three physical Lightwell locations in addition to approximately 30 home based employees.

Director of IT, Roles and Responsibilities

Networking & Communication

  • Creates, implements and maintains a cohesive networking and communication/telephony strategy that most effectively supports Lightwell’s three office locations as well as remote employees
  • Plans and implements additions, deletions and major modifications to the supporting infrastructure company-wide in coordination with corporate leadership.
  • Oversees the implementation and maintenance of network security at the corporate level.
  • Anticipates future network needs, identifies proactive solutions to satisfy needs.
  • Regularly assess changes in technology against corporate needs and make recommendations accordingly

Internal Systems

  • Maintains a business partner centric approach squarely focused on the needs of the business
  • Maintains a corporate system roadmap that efficiently supports the needs of all business lines, including sales, delivery, HR and financial operations
  • Maintains security groups and system access rights
  • Maintains access/provisioning to all corporate systems based on employee role and security group settings
  • Implements and supports corporate intranet site
  • Evaluates and oversees new technology requirements based on business needs
  • Maintains budgets to support internal IT systems

Hosted Applications

  •          Provides domain expertise to Lightwell’s Managed Services business line around infrastructure, security and DR.
  •          Manages hosting provider contracts.
  •          Support and maintain all Lightwell environments uses for presales, training and product development 

Help Desk Administration

  • Oversees the management of corporate help desk activities and resolves escalated issues if necessary.
  • Provides activity based reporting to leadership team on a monthly basis

Asset Management

  • Creates policies and monitors compliance regarding company hardware and software assets
  • Oversees all IT-related purchasing and budget usage; works with finance and accounting to develop budgets.
  • Holds responsibility for capacity planning and scheduling vendor negotiations related to IT.

Essential Behaviors and Qualities


  • Ensures department is well informed, at all times, of changes and news worthy events within the company.
  • Effectively communicates relevant IT-related information to leadership team.
  • Handles difficult personnel situations directly, using appropriate discretion, HR advice, and respect for the individual.
  • Promotes the company through speaking engagements at industry conferences and involvement in local business organizations where appropriate


  • Exercises staff oversight to ensure new operations plans, policies, procedures, and transition/migration plans are consistent with the overall company goals and objectives.
  • Holds responsibility for IT staffing and budgeting projections on a company-wide basis.


  • Coaches and mentors IT staff
  • Takes a big-picture business-focused approach to achieve excellence in all areas of business.
  • Ensures regular team and practice events take place away from the office.
  • Champions change and effectively manages the implementation of new ideas.


  • Reinforces team approach throughout practice both on client projects and internal initiatives.
  • Supports and solicits input from team members at all levels within the organization.

Client Management

  • Communicates effectively with internal clients to identify needs and evaluate alternative business solutions and strategies.
  • Continually defines ways to increase internal client satisfaction and deepen client relationships.
  • Maintains lasting internal client relationships
  • Ensures practice delivers superior solutions to internal clients.
  • Provides senior level resolution to internal client issues.


  •          8+ years in IT with visible and progressively increased management responsibility
  •          Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  •          Bachelor’s Degree in IT or IT related field
  •          Business Technology implementation and management experience is a must
  •          International experience is a plus
  •          Experience working within a consulting organization is a plus
  •          NetSuite OneWorld Experience is not mandatory but certainly preferred
  •          Retail environment experience a plus
  •          Significant experience managing hosted infrastructure and application
  •          While this is a management position, it is VERY hands on. The candidate must be capable of helping to support the implementation of the IT strategy, not simply create it.

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