Gartner shares ways businesses can migrate apps to the cloud


When migrating applications to a cloud-based environment, research firm Gartner recently identified several paths companies can take.

Gartner said companies can replace legacy, on-premise applications with SaaS models. This option allows companies to avoid having to invest heavily in deployments or upgrades for traditional software.

It also suggested a need for robust A2A business integration solutions. When marrying on-premise apps with cloud-based models, it's important for companies to ensure data can be shared and accessed by both.

When ultimately choosing how to deploy the cloud, Gartner suggested companies and IT managers ask themselves "which cloud platform and migration techniques offer the chance to optimize the application's contribution to stated and implied business and IT goals?" That way, the company is sure to get the most out of a migration.

The growth of data experienced by all companies is another trend leading to a greater need of robust business integration. According a recent Syncsort and BeyeNetwork survey, 57 percent of respondents said they needed highly customized solutions for "suitable performance."

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